Mestre - Orte - Civitavecchia motorway

Mestre - Orte - Civitavecchia motorway


Why another motorway in our Apennines?

by Antonella di Matteo, January 3, 2011

Note 1

The Italian law Obiettivo, making use of funding from Project Financing, has included the construction of the Mestre-Orte-Civitavecchia motorway in its plans.It is a project that is harmful for the Apennines, for its biodiversity and for the landscape-environmental protection of the whole system. . The estimated cost is about 10 billion euros (1.4 billion from public funding and 8.6 billion from the proponents; the GEFIP Holding of Vito Bonsignore). The stretch between Orte and Cesena will almost certainly insist on the current E45 highway with major variations in correspondence with Perugia, Deruta, Pieve S. Stefano, Verghereto, Bagno di Romagna, while a new highway parallel to the SS 309 is planned for the Ravenna - Mestre section. Romea, with direct graft on the Mestre bypass. The Civitavecchia-Orte section is part of another project under consideration by the CIPE. By 2010, all the procedures for the approval of the final project and for the assignment of the tender must have been identified. For years the various anti Autostrada Romea committees have been fighting for the safety of state road 309 itself ... But obviously something else was already boiling in the pot!

Note 1

Why break all the geological, water-environmental, biological and climatic balances when it would be enough to take advantage of existing and improved roads, where it is necessary through renovation, maintenance and maintenance works?

Why always create continuous and free risks to the communities of natural disasters due inexorably to the consumption of soil, overbuilding and consequent waterproofing?

Why never act in the logic of prevention instead of the blind and neglect of total destruction of the type "think me"?

Why cruelly prevail and abuse, "ignoring" them, the beauty and importance of so many areas of historical and environmental-environmental interest (Delta del Po 'park, Comacchio and Mezzano valleys, southern lagoon, Riviera del Brenta)?

Why strongly incentivize road transport to the detriment of rail and sea transport?

Why in this country so beautiful but with little land available is it always necessary to carry out unnecessary works and infrastructures "and above all harmful to the entire ecosystem of a territory", also given the modest current and future traffic flows in the area?

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